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The Page

Print design, typography, book publication

Three cover pages.jpg

I was tasked with redesigning excerpts from Georges Perec's "The Page" using only typographic elements. I was limited to one serif family for the main typeface. A secondary sans-serif font was allowed but reserved only for titles and numbers. Below are just a few iterations of the cover page.

Created in Adobe InDesign
Many of these designs were originally done by hand using a method of printing, cutting, pasting, and then scanning in compositions and text in a repeated process.
Three pages.jpg
In total, I created 20 interior pages for the text, exploring different styles, themes, and compositions with my given constraints. Large bold type was a signature aspect of my design I carried from page to page.
This project was completed over the course of 6 weeks. We printed out our designs after every week of revision to review. Often it is difficult to gauge how a design feels just through a screen; I learned the value of physical prototyping as a vital component of process.
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