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Social Media Mockup TBMG3.jpg
Social Media Graphic @brokeman_athens on Instagram

The Brokeman's Guide

Designing a financial resource guide for the city of Athens, Georgia

Social Media, Team Collaboration

With a team of 8 designers, we created a multimodal guide to share tools and resources for saving money in Athens, Georgia.

App Mockup.jpg
App Mockup, InDesign
App rigging and design collaboration, Figma
Social Media Mockup TBMG.jpg
I was in charge of designing and directing the social media page as part of my role in the digital team. I collaborated with app designers and illustrated the main elements we used for print and digital. Additionally, I created the main logo using a mix of type from our identity guide.

Through social media outreach, a booklet and app, we engaged in a conversation about all things economical that impact the Athens community and beyond

Logo Configuration 1
Character 1
Elements & Icons
Color Palette
Logo Configuration 2
Booklet Mockup3.jpg
We wanted to keep the tone light, breaking the stigma that comes with discussing a heavy topic. A colorful palette sets the space for an open environment for talking about money. Each section is color coded/assigned to a different color scheme for easy navigation. Our dynamic visual system uses exciting typography to bring images and words to life.
I experimented with creating patterns and illustration-based posters as part of my iteration process. This exercise additionally helped to inform the graphic posts I created for our page. Borrowing inspiration from the main typefaces we selected, Gabriella and Helvetica, I created a system of images that utilize both linear and curvilinear forms.
With my team, we were able to create a comprehensive and inexpensive guide around Athens's local businesses, programs and events. This project allowed me to explore collaborative design that ultimately created a new meaningful space to discuss financial topics and issues related to the city of Athens, Georgia.
Social Media Mockup TBMG2.jpg
Thanks to my incredible team!

Print Design Team
Cody Murray
Payton Pearson
Tyler Powell
Nastasia Rozenburg

Digital Team
Kaylee Han
Pearl Lin
Cece Nguyen
Chris Wright
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