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UX/UI, app design, coding, research

A period tracking app designed for the person on the go


My focus throughout this project was on building a community and space to foster meaningful connections for anyone who deals with a period. 

Period documentation is an integral part of a person’s life, serving as an important medical record and organizer of lifestyle. As an avid user of period apps, I have found that over the years, the function of an app has become overly complicated. The steps one must go through to document their period has become a taxing experience that does not inspire users to log back in.

Final wireframe outline
Initial sketch
In my app design, I create an experience that keeps a user engaged in the process of documenting their period. I hope to create an experience that connects a user to a community of people. I emphasize three key features to increase user motivation: award badges that can be used for further customization, friendly competitions between friends, and community discussion forums.
My design utilizes a friendly voice to guide this experience. The user interface I develop prioritizes supportive navigation that is easily adaptable to individual needs. Other notable features include a personalized profile of a user’s information and informational popup guides that provide tips for users dealing with common period symptoms.
App pattern 2.jpg
app pattern 1.jpg
App pattern 3.jpg
Patterns coded with Javascript
The biggest challenge I faced as I designed this app was learning to use new tools such as Figma and Javascript to execute my idea. This project helped me develop skills and knowledge in creating effective design centered around the user experience.
Code with Processing and executed using Inkscape
I learned how to create a repeating pattern in Javascript code. The standard symbol for a period is the circle, representing the cyclical nature of its movement. I challenge the stigma of menstruation, which is often symbolized by flower imagery and “purity”. Instead, I explore the use of a circle to represent the phases of the moon, an homage to the spiritual and astrological ties of the period in many cultures.
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