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Personal Brand Identity

Visual identity, brand design, physical signage

The challenge: develop a visual system that represents you as a creative thinker, designer and brand. 

Playful, engaging, and one-of-a-kind, these are the main ideas that come to mind as I reflect on my values as a graphic designer and artist. In designing my brand identity, I took inspiration from objects like traditional children’s toys and arcade games to inform my research process.
Lin_Pearl_Brand Identity Manual_Page_2.jpg
Elements of my design go hand in hand with this theme; a bright color palette encourages creativity and play while still maintaining a mature style. Whimsical linear and curvilinear shapes make up my letterform and borrow from pixel-based letter systems. ​​​​​​​
Book Mockups.jpg
Excerpts from my brand identity book
Book Mockups2.jpg
Colorful Letterforms-07.jpg

Maze Design

The next challenge to creating my brand identity was to translate my design to a physical signage. I  constructed my word mark together in a maze system that was both visually cohesive and functional. The same linear and curvilinear structures in my letterforms echo within and throughout the board.
Maze page.jpg

My final logo mark acts as both a display piece as well as an interactive toy, because play is for everyone, regardless of age​​​​​​​

Final physical signage, woodcut using laser engraver
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