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A to Z

Senior Capstone

How can educational design be inclusive of multicultural and multilingual perspectives?

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The Issue

The process of cultural assimilation as families immigrate to America can result in the loss of cultural stories and tradition. Young children of immigrants experience forgetting their native tongue as school programs prioritize English learning in the classroom.
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Through a blend of translation, collaboration, inclusion and advocacy, I address the importance of representation in education.

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A to Z is a storybook of experiences that highlight a multitude of perspectives with language learning. Personal narratives are reflected within the pages that keep tradition alive in a diverse world, generating discussion about topics often overlooked in the classroom.

My final deliverables include the A to Z alphabet book, a bookmark, poster, and coloring sheets pertaining to my topic.


In my design exploration I think about the many ways I can communicate through visual elements. My artistic style is inspired by the “elementary” aspects of art I remember– collaging and crayons. I wanted to use more traditional methods of design that have since been lost overtime in children’s literature. In my exhibition design, I make the posters into oversized notebook pages to simulate how large a book feels to a child. Perspective is a huge component to this that I want my audience to experience as they interact with these stories.
Excerpts from my final deliverable, A to Z

Pictures from our Atlanta White Space Gallery show below

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